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Action Adventure Films Of 1900s (Anjaan Pariar)

Updated: May 3, 2021


Tired of Governor Quintero's (J. Edward Bromberg) exploitation of poor Californians, Don Diego (Tyrone Power) decides to fight back and assumes the identity of Zorro. A masked hero with a sword, Zorro fights on behalf of the people against the corrupt Quintero and his wicked assistant, Captain Pasquale (Basil Rathbone). At the same time, Diego falls for Lolita (Linda Darnell), the governor's niece, and he pursues her while constantly battling to oust Quintero from power.

Initial release: 1 November 1940 (USA)

Director: Rouben Mamoulian

Language: English; Spanish

Screenplay: Bess Meredyth, Garrett Fort, John Taintor Foote

Story by: Johnston McCulley, Bess Meredyth, Garrett Fort


With his band of Merry Men, Robin robs from the rich, gives to the poor and still has time to woo the lovely Maid Marian while foiling the plans of the cruel Sir Guy of Gisbourne to take the throne.

Initial release: 14 May 1938 (USA)

Directors: Michael Curtiz, William Keighley

Music director: Erich Wolfgang Korngold

Awards: Academy Award for Best Music (Original Score), MORE

Screenplay: Seton I. Miller, Norman Reilly Raine, Rowland Leigh

3. TOP GUN (1986)

After losing his friend, top pilot Maverick is given a second chance to redeem himself. He struggles to be at his best and also gets romantically involved with his civilian instructor Charlie.

Initial release: 12 May 1986 (New York)

Director: Tony Scott

Based on: "Top Guns"; by Ehud Yonay

Featured song: Take My Breath Away

Film series: Top Gun


A veteran samurai, gathers six samurais to protect a village from the cruel bandits. As the samurais teach the natives how to defend themselves, the village is attacked by a pack of 40 bandits.

Initial release: 26 April 1954 (Japan)

Director: Akira Kurosawa

Featured song: The theme of samurais

Adaptations: The Magnificent Seven (1960), Samurai 7 (2004), MORE

Awards: Silver Lion


Following the death of his wife, Los Angeles police detective Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) becomes reckless and suicidal. When he is reassigned and partnered with Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover), Riggs immediately clashes with the older officer. Together they uncover a massive drug-trafficking ring. As they encounter increasingly dangerous situations, Riggs and Murtaugh begin to form a bond. Riggs' volatile behavior might just help them apprehend the criminals -- if it doesn't kill them both first.

Initial release: 6 March 1987 (USA)

Director: Richard Donner

Film series: Lethal Weapon

Box office: 12.02 crores USD

Featured song: Lethal Weapon

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